Craigmont High School Band Fund

Calling all supporters of musical excellence!

Step into the rhythm of success with the Craigmont High School band, the Marching Tsunami of Sound! 

Six years ago, we embarked on a journey with just 10 talented musicians. Today, we stand proud with over 100 passionate members, undeterred by the challenges of the pandemic. But our story is more than just numbers; it's a symphony of achievement.

With an average GPA of 3.373, our band members not only excel in music but also in academics. We consistently produce top-performing students, with 10-15% of our graduates ranking among the top 25 of their class. Our trophy shelf gleams with Excellent and Superior Ratings, All-West and State ensemble invitations, and a staggering 16.2 million dollars in scholarships raised for HBCU-bound students!

But our crescendo doesn't end there. We are a 7-time grand champion, claiming victory at prestigious events like the Jackson State National High School Battle of the Bands. Our YouTube presence, with views ranging from 15,000 to 40,000, serves as a beacon of positivity for the entire MSCS community.

Now, the spotlight beckons us even further. We've been honored with invitations to compete in the D Dubb Classic sponsored by Ludwig Percussion and the D Dub Arts Foundation, as well as the Ultimate Band Clash hosted by Jonesboro High School. These opportunities are a testament to our dedication and talent.

However, financial constraints threaten to dim our spotlight. Traditionally, we've only traveled once a year due to limited funds and the needs of our Title One students. But with the resounding growth and success of our band, we're being called to bigger stages more frequently. Every student deserves to bask in the rewards of their hard work, and we refuse to let financial barriers silence our harmony.

That's why we're reaching out to you, our community of supporters. We need to raise $14,000, or anything close to it, to embark on our journey to the D Dubb Classic and the Ultimate Band Clash on May 4th, 2024. Your generosity can transform dreams into reality and empower our students to reach new heights.

Join us in amplifying the wave of musical growth at Craigmont High School. Together, let's create a symphony of success that reverberates through our community and beyond. Thank you for your time, your patience, and your unwavering support. 

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