Shirley Yvette Green Memorial Scholarship Fund

Honor the memory of Shirley Yvette Green

Message from Superintendent Toni Williams:

Over the last few months, people have continuously told me how strong I am and asked how I maintain my  graciousness, poise, and class in the face of adversity. It is because I have very strong parents. Particularly, I have watched my Mother, my Sickle Cell Warrior, fight all my life. She lived 58 incredible years when doctors estimated that she wouldn't survive past the age of 20. Momma, I sometimes watched you leave the hospital and then go to work to support us. I am BEYOND proud of you, Momma. Now, your suffering is over. It is now time to REST! Thank you for showing me how to be a STRONG woman!

If you would like to support other Sickle Cell Warriors and honor the memory of my beautiful Mom, please make a donation to support MSCS students with Sickle Cell Anemia.

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