RESPECT The Haven - Annual Christmas Tree Lighting Operating Fund

Message from Jason Sharif - Executive Director of RESPECT The Haven CDC

Speaking of the Whitehaven Christmas Tree we want to bring this back every year but it comes with a price tag of over $7,000 including having the Tree Lighting Ceremony. 
It costs $4,000 for the tree company to put it up and take it down each year. The first year the company stored it for us for free. This year and from now on we will have to pay to store it. To store it at the Public Storage at the Southland Mall it will cost $240 a month/$2,880 a year. I am happy to announce that an angel donor contacted me and said they will pay half the storage cost each year. 

Watch the latest story on the 2023 Tree Lighting Ceremony

Come on Whitehaven I know if we can raise over $31,000 in a week to bring this Christmas Tradition back when can raise over $5,000 a year to keep it going! It's 50,000 people in Whitehaven! Small thing to a GIANT! Whitehaven is worthy! Whitehaven is worth it!
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