Think Like a Game Designer

Think Like a Game Designer / Think Like an App Designer (TLAGD)

In this 8-week program students work in teams with industry-leading game designers and engineering students to learn the basics of game development. Available at an introductory, beginner, and intermediate level, club members graduate having zero experience in coding to building apps and storyboards, designing characters, and creating virtual worlds using programming developed by MIT.

Students come away with math and science skills, learn how to collaborate with others, how to research, and how to move their ideas forward-skills valuable in any endeavor.

Who is this program for?

This eight-week program is ideal for students who want to expand their learning horizons and explore the rapidly growing field of coding. 
  • elementary school students
  • middle school students
  • high school students

Why TLAGD - and Why Now?

Explain that this area is a growing industry and how coding/game design is implemented in the real world 
number of computer programming jobs
average salary for coding

source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

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