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A Promising Collaboration Leads To A Sustainable Pipeline To HBCU Programs For Memphis Students


MEMPHIS, Tenn. (AP) — The HBCU Awareness Foundation and SchoolSeed Foundation are partnering to provide a pipeline for students in Memphis and the tri-state area of Arkansas, Mississippi, and Tennessee to access dozens of HBCU programs, recruiters, and college tours on a regular basis. The HBCU Awareness Foundation will come under the SchoolSeed umbrella in a major partnership that combines efforts to fundraise for this body of work and provide access to education and resources for underserved communities.


Since 2014, SchoolSeed has been a major partner of the HBCU Awareness Foundation, supporting their college fair work and expanding access to scholarships around the country through a sign-up portal to register for the fairs. SchoolSeed created the SchoolSeed Gives Scholly program which provides students free access to an online scholarship platform that matches students with scholarships from around the country. It has proven to be very helpful to students who are interested in attending an HBCU. The HBCU Pipeline program through SchoolSeed will continue to provide HBCU college tours, and other initiatives that create awareness about HBCUs. The Mid South HBCU Awareness Foundation College Fair, held twice a year in the fall and spring semesters, is one the largest in the nation and draw thousands of students each year. Recruiters from over 30 HBCUs attend regular as the fair meets the students where they are during the weeklong event.

"This partnership just makes sense," said Corey Allen, the founder of the college fairs through his foundation. "SchoolSeed has a demonstrated track record of supporting the college fair work we have been engaged in, and now that this work is coming under the umbrella of SchoolSeed, it helps us with fundraising and expanding the work we do."

The SchoolSeed Foundation, founded in 2009 and led by Vincent J. McCaskill since its inception, is a funding intermediary that supports schools, community efforts that support students and families, and a myriad of other impactful projects.

"We are thrilled to combine our efforts in a more formal way," said Vincent J. McCaskill, president and CEO of SchoolSeed Foundation. "This is an example of collaboration that ensures the sustainability of our work through organizational capacity building."

The partnership will continue to include two major HBCU college fairs annually, along with access to scholarships, tours, and other resources. The initiative is designed to provide a pipeline for underserved students to access higher education and connect with HBCU programs and recruiters that may fit their needs better.

The HBCU Awareness Foundation has been working to increase awareness of HBCUs and their value to the community since its founding. The organization was created to help students understand the importance of HBCUs and to provide resources and support for those who are interested in attending.


The SchoolSeed Foundation has been instrumental in supporting schools and communities through a range of initiatives, including education, health initiatives, and workforce development. The organization has a strong track record of success, having supported numerous projects that have had a positive impact on underserved communities. Since It’s inception, SchoolSeed Foundation has raised and managed over $200 million. Together, the HBCU Awareness Foundation and SchoolSeed Foundation aim to expand access to education and resources for underserved communities in Memphis and the tri-state area of Arkansas, Mississippi, and Tennessee. Through the partnership, they hope to create a more sustainable and effective pipeline for students to access higher education and achieve their goals.

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