Preserving Jeter’s Future, Celebrating Our Past

Preserving Jeter’s Future, Celebrating Jeter’s Past: E. E. Jeter’s Centennial Celebration

As E.E. Jeter celebrates 100 years, we would like to continue our mission of Excellence in Action by improving our school and celebrating our amazing students and staff. The funds donated to this effort would allow us to make improvements to our gym and our playground to benefit our students and the community.


Our gym, built in the late 1950s has only been through one renovation since its completion. The plan to improve our historic gym is to replace and update the gym wall padding that protects students from colliding into the brick walls. Additionally, we must replace the goals and goal posts. Recently our goal post stopped being able to lower and raise. This means that we cannot lower the goals for our younger students to practice, play intramural sports or participate in PE. Jeter hosted several intramural tournaments for the community, and we want to continue to host events in our gym. By replacing our outdated goals with new ones, our gym will become functional again for all our students.


Our playground is a gathering place for the community and offers respite to our students during school days, however it has very limited offerings. Resurfacing the ground space with new rubber padding would make it safer for students. We have limited playground equipment for the various age groups we serve at our K-8 school. We would like to expand the equipment offered so that we have something for all our age groups. Adding more equipment, that is appropriate, would be a wonderful gift for our students. We would also like to add shade over a portion of the space so that the students playing, along with the teachers supervising, can be cooler and protected from the sun.


The timing of E. E. Jeter’s projects could not have been better as Jeter is celebrating its centennial in the 2022-2023 school year. We ask you to give to the Preserving Jeter’s Future, Celebrating Jeter’s Past: E. E. Jeter’s Centennial Celebration grant so that we can better our beloved school to educate our students for the next 100 years!

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