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Building on a rich tradition of academic excellence


White Station’s library was at one time the hub of the school. The 7,000 SF facility which faces Perkins and is strategically positioned at the front entrance of the school has not been upgraded in a long time.  Our plan to is expand and redesign both interior and exterior:  expand to 15,000 SF; add a Distance Learning Lab, Maker’s Space, computer banks as well as tutoring rooms; and, fundamentally alter the outside (the “face” of the school) by adding a new west-facing façade to allow in bright light and a sense of “wide openness”.


Mrs. Irma Roberts touched many lives during her time as White Station's Librarian, a tenure spanning the mid '60s to the mid '80s.  While Mrs. Roberts has been retired for over 30 years, the friendships she made with her students remain vibrant. 

In a recent interview, Mrs. Roberts was asked about her favorite job, and she replied: 

My favorite job was being the librarian at White Station High. I was fortunate enough to receive this coveted position in 1964, and worked there 22 years. I loved being Librarian as I got to know all the students. Since I did not give them grades, they could relate to me in a different way than they did classroom teachers. White Station had such a good reputation all over the state. We had an outstanding faculty, excellent students and parents who cared. I was student council advisor for many years, responsible for homecoming ceremonies and also responsible for Queen of Clubs program which was a yearly production. I loved being at White Station and to this day I keep up with many of my former students. I will forever be a Spartan.

The timing of White Station’s renovation project could not have been better as Mrs. Roberts will be celebrating her 100th birthday in May, 2021.  White Station, along with Mrs. Roberts’ family, friends, former students and co-workers have created this fundraising drive in Mrs. Roberts’ honor.  

White Station has created certain fundraising goals for its library renovations.  As the donations mount in Mrs. Roberts’ honor, some portion of the new library will bear her name.  If the main goal of $750,000 is reached, then the new library will be named the “Irma Roberts Library” at White Station—a fitting title for the school’s favorite librarian.

Happy Birthday, Mrs. Roberts!  The White Station of your days is the White Station of today...and, thank you!

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