HBCU Awareness Foundation Annual Fund Campaign

Our Students Deserve to be exposed to HBCUs

The HBCU Awareness Foundation has solidified a longstanding partnership with SchoolSeed Foundation to raise funds on an annual basis to support a myriad of established programs you have seen impact our students in the Mid-South such as HBCU College Fairs and campus tours, scholarship workshops and programs that educate parents around what to expect in the process. Corey Allen, the president of HBCU Awareness foundation said the partnership was destined to happen due to the longstanding financial commitment of SchoolSeed Foundation in the programs many of you have seen HBCU Awareness Foundation operate. The Annual Fund Drive will allow for HBCU Awareness Foundation to become more strategic in fundraising that will enhance implementation of programs. Thousands of students over the last 8 years have been directly impacted by our programs at the HBCU Awareness Foundation. Young people have been exposed to opportunities they may have never thought existed if it were not for our programs. Students have walked away with scholarships at our college fairs opening up a new world of opportunity at many HBCUs that participate in our programs. We need your support to ensure this work continues..

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