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Setting the "Stage" at Knight Road Elementary

Support Knight Road Elementary School!

Setting the "Stage" at Knight Road Elementary

Ask anyone—students, teachers, parents or district staff—walking through the front door of Knight Road Elementary feels like coming home. Maybe it’s the warmth and welcome of the staff (come once and they’ll greet you by name every time after), maybe it’s the eager pride of the students, maybe it’s the open atmosphere of inclusion that fills the school itself, or maybe it’s the inimitable combination of all three; whatever it is, you couldn’t miss it if you tried.

However Knight Road Elementary needs your help. Programs and other activities are to take place on the school’s stage, and while it’s easy to see how the stage might have been beautiful when the school was built almost 60 years ago, it has since fallen into disrepair. Dust, rust, and dry-rot have all taken their toll on the curtains and the rails from which they hang, making the stage not only unsightly, but downright dangerous.

And so, the students, teachers, and faculty of Knight Road are reaching out to the community, asking that we all pull together to raise the $15,000 necessary to bring the stage back to its former glory. Please follow the link below to make your donation today. Together, we can make Knight Road Elementary’s stage as bright and beautiful as the students that make their way across it.

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